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  1. The Fresh Prince Created…


    The Cat Daddy:

    The Shuffle:

    The Single Ladies Dance:

    The Stanky Leg:

    The Cyclone:

    The Dougie:


    By far the greatest post to ever surface on Tumblr.

    (Source: jadeham13)

  2. Half-crazy

    Its been a very long time that I was inspired to come back here to write but with the summer here and lots of romance books crossed off my list. It makes me wonder what I’ve willing to do for love. Am I a fighter or am I just weak? When I fall in love, I fall deep and wrap my world with theirs. Entangled in hopes and dreams that awaken by this powerful thing called love. To be reciprocated with love must be the driving force that makes our heart aches.

    In my world, love was defined through Disney movies. That eventually every protagonist is fated with their soul mate. I imagined my prince charming was out there and he was perfect. Too bad my relationships didn’t necessarily meet my expectations. Instead what I thought was love was taken away from me and filled with weakness. 

    Someone out there stripped me of love and they allowed to me learn that sometimes love isn’t what it seems in the fairy tales. I was okay with that. Yet, one Disney movie that struck me was Beauty and the Beast. If I had told that someone he was my “beast,” would it been any different? I also loved Gaston, if they had came out a movie over Gaston and Sebastian, I’d probably fall in love with it. 

    Then as I started reading romance novels, my perspective changed. To understand real emotions and real situations that people overcome for love. Its such a misleading bitch to conclude a happy ending. I guess its the author’s force of habit to leave the reader in peace after all the bullshit. So maybe, just maybe I have a chance of a happy ending also. 

    As an “adult”, not necessarily that I know of everything and that there’s still lots to learn. But damn, I’m sure close to being one. I should have a lot figured out by now, but not love. Even right now when things are going wonderfully, sometimes I think they are going too well. I find loopholes where they shouldn’t be and I make them wider and wider. Until I’ve ruined everything. I don’t want to do that, but it’s not my fault. It’s what I was raised to believe. 

    I’m watching myself fall, fall hardI’m going to get it right this time. 

  3. Love the goals, how'd you lose so much weight?
    asked by nodromo

    Just waking up to a cup of coffee and putting on my running shoes and just go! Iphone has this nice app called iMapMyRun, it calculates your speed and maps out your entire route. Back when I was determined, I was running close to 6-8 miles a night in 1-2 hours. I also quit soda, candy, and junk food. I guess once you start treating your body better, junk food doesn’t even seem worth eating. BUT swear to god, cheese and chocolate(not necessarily together) are my guilty pleasures. 

  4. I never done this in my life and heres a peak into one of my biggest disappointments in life. I’ve gained 20 lbs from just being pure lazyness. I used to be 189 back in October 2006, and then I lost about 60 lbs towards my high school graduation in June 2008. 

    This is gonna be my new journey in being healthy. I don’t have any current health issues, I have one of the healthiest blood pressure readings and I live an active lifestyle and take plenty of multivitamins(close to 16 pills a day now). 

    If you’ve struggled with weight, let me know, I’ve taken EVERY GNC diet pill out there on the market. Even though yes, it does work, it doesn’t last for long until you start going back to your old eating habits and balloon up again. Hydroxycut, shakes, lemonade diet all failed me. The only consistent thing in my life was running and eating in moderation. 

    1) The picture you see is me currently at 143.3 pounds on top. 

    2) A throwback to my past. I was triple my size, no lie. 

    3) I was at 118lbs by my prom. That was a size 3 dress from Cache. 

    4) Even when I look at this picture, even though I lost all that weight, I still felt insecure, you’re just never mentally prepared for how society judges you. 

  5. Love Sick

    So I was watching simpson’s the other day and i came across a a scene between Homer & Marge.
    The story was, Marge has started to lose her hair from too much stress. So Homer tries to comfort Marge and he said to her… 

    "Honey, this marriage is a partnership. When you fall, I pick you up. And when you can’t finish a sandwich, I, EAT! that sandwich."

    Marge starts to cry and hugs him saying, “You’re my Rock Homey!”

    Then Homer replies, “And i promise you this rock is going to weigh you down for the rest of your life.”

    awww -blushes-

  6. everyone thinks I have it all,

    but its hard to live behind these secrets.

    no one knows that i’m all alone in this world.

    they say money is freedom,

    but I feel trapped under it all. 

  7. Winter Quarter Goals

    1. Talk to each of my professors, and get to know them personally by the end of this quarter. (How: Office Hourse, after class. Why: I need letters of rec…!) 
    2. Set up a new budget & actually keep my Savings consistent (How: Set my direct deposit to ~$100/week! Why: I need(want) a new car!) 
    3. Gym M-F. If I can go to work and class, why not run also? I loveee running. Find me at the gym MWF, 10am-12pm. TR, 12-2pm. :) Why: My brother’s wedding is in April, I used to be a fat kid, so the rest of the fambam hasn’t seen me since my fat days (I used to be 186 lbs FYI- year 2007; Right now I will admit I’m like 138 lbs at 5”3… and I came to Davis at a mere 120 lbs. I gained 18 lbs since freshman year! >=I)  
    4. Volunteer at the SPCA Thrift Store. I’m a thrifty lover and their store is so chill. I would love to scrummage through people’s excess. Who knows what I can find! Why: The animals, its bullshit, animals live to be loved, not ignored. 
    5. Get a massage weekly. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I rather spend $$$ on a professional massage than shopping. IF shopping & massages came in a package…..oh boy. :)

    Five is hard enough to keep up with in a 24 hour..more like 14 hour day. I have one last thing on my mind, but its something personally. But I want to invest in a personal hookah. Secret #2 coming out, I was an avid smoker at one point in my life, cigs are bad, but hookah, it zens me out. It keeps me level headed in this world. 

    Random blurb: I should be more religious too, I believe in God. However, my views are sorta different than everyone else. God isn’t a person in my life, God is a very pure holy force in everyone. Its you’re soul and will and courage to follow your goals/dreams. 

    Do you push yourself? Has life been too routine? Are you bored?

    Keep in mind, life changes- your perspective, your views, your decisions. When all else fails, keep your goals strong. No one can take that away from you. 

    should I re-create my youtube channel…hmmm…

  8. Travel Withdrawal

    I’m dreaming of a wonderful place to be right now and its ….ba-da-dah-dUM!

    Egypt. I’m hoping to be there by the end of this year. If you don’t know me, I’m a travel addict. I go out of the country at least once a year, and I don’t like repeating locations (exception to New York….my future home in 5 years…I hope, did you know rent is $2400/month…compared to me $300/month in Davis. UMMM…where’s my lottery ticket?) 

    Time to wake up early & make that moneyyy! 

  9. OMG. its a TINY CHEWBACCAHHH! I want now. :) :) 


all you girls…

    OMG. its a TINY CHEWBACCAHHH! I want now. :) :) 


    all you girls…

    JUST died of CUTENESS. XD

  10. Can’t Sleep; I don’t wanna dream..

    Lately, I’ve been waking up with this continuing dream of me winning the lottery. My heart is racing, theres a smile on my face and then I open my eyes.

    And all of that disappears and all I hear is the cofffee maker spewing coffee and my alarm clock going off at 6:50am. I blink twice and let out a big sigh. 

    So for a few days I was excited to go back to sleep, cause I was so curious where this dream was leading me. But as of last night, waking up has been a big DUD. 

    I’m a bit in a limbo state of not sadness or happiness. But confusion and questioning my decisions and demanding there must be something more to life. 

    But I don’t know. Life is tough, but shit do I know what I want. Maybe I’m just being a little bitch about the studying I need to do and finding a way to logically state that: I’m Lazy. Give me a Beer and some Mind Twisting Movies and let my nerves calm this weekend. 

    Listening to: One Republic - Good Life. Is there any One Republic song that is bad?